Christmas Party for Richmond Families at YMCA

Santa hears the wish list of Richmond children at YMCA-Richmond Kiwanis Christmas Party. Glen Kleine, Lt. Gov. of K-T Kiwanis Division 9, served as Santa.

Part of the festivities was the telling of the Christmas story and the singing of Christmas carols.

Opening presents provided by the Richmond Kiwanis club was a treat for the kids.

It was an opportunity for kids to show off their special gifts. One of the special gifts was a Disney dress, tierra and shoes.

Six special families gathered in groups and all of the members of the family were provided gifts.

Not only was a time to open presents ... but it was also a special time to share in special affection.

Telling Santa what you wanted required a bit of thinking for some.

Hey everyone - look what I got!

Pretty soon there was a line of eager kids waiting to see Santa.

Some wanted to get on with the program and some needed help opening their presents.

She didn't ask for new front teeth - but she might have.

The YMCA had a great tree for the event.

"Hey Santa, let me tell you what I want!"

Lots of gifts were waiting to be distributed. Requests ran from cleaning supplies to TVs and bicycles. And lost of helpers were available from EKU to help in the gift distribution and singing.

"Santa, I have been a really good girl!"

It was even fun waiting for the festivities to begin.

It was as much fun for Santa as for the children.

Brenda Blankenship, Richmond Kiwanis Treasurer, joined the kids for the sing-a-long. Brenda and Dana Sheets were the principal organizers for this event. An entire day was spent just in shopping for requested items. Several additiional days were spent wrapping presents, organizing the event which included food, entertainment, and spiritual emphasis. The Richmond Kiwanis Club spent approximately $2,000 on this event. Brenda said, after it was over, "This was a true blessing for me and really made my Christmas."

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