Richmond Kiwanis Club

May, 2012 Newsletter

Meetings are held at 6 p.m. every Tuesday at the
Galaxy Bowling Conference Room, 1025 Amberley Way
Richmond, KY 40475-8847
(Off of I-75 Exit 87) in Richmond, KY.

Tuesday, May 1
Speaker: Glen Kleine
"Learning about Kiwanis on the Web"

Tuesday, May 8
Speaker: Lisa Sons, Director
EKU Educational Talent Search Program
Sponsor:Beth Thompson

Also Election of Officers and Board Members
Past President - Charlie Johnson
President - Jennifer Napier
President Elect - Matthew Day
Secretary - Danny Damrel
Treasurer - Lora Noble

Board of Directors (Vote for 4 Only)
Four will have a 2 year term and
two will complete one year terms.
Vickie Damrel
Dominick Hart
Joan Kleine
Kim Naugle
St. Claire Skepple
Tamara Stewart

Tuesday, May 15
Speaker: Dr Boardman
Boardman Chiropractic Wellness Center
Sponsor: St. Claire Skepple
Bring a Friend Night!

Tuesday, May 22

Tuesday, May 29
Ruthie Maslin- Director
Madison County Public Library
Sponsor: Glen Kleine

Model High School Key Club
Officers for 2012-2013 Installed

Leadership of the District and Model High School Key Club for 2011-12 and 2012-13 are: Amy Dong - 2011-12 President; Rachel Droege - 2012-13 Lieutenant Governor; Hannah Nnoromele - 2011-12 President; Ashley Roy - 2011-12 Vice President; Stephanie McCormick - 2011-12 Secretary; Janie Ward - 2011-12 Treasurer; Hannah Durbin - 2011-12 Historian, and Madelaine Berry - 2011-12 Lieutenant Governor.

Madison Central High School Key Club
Officers for 2012-2013 Installed

Kristen Hamilton (right) is installed as the 2012-13 MCHS Key Club President by Cheyenne Niceley, the 2011-12 MCHS Key Club President

Miranda Markland (right) is installed as the 2012-13 MCHS Key Club Vice President by Mallary Turner, the 2011-12 MCHS Key Club VP

Will Simpson (right) is installed as the 2012-13 MCHS Key Club Treasurer by Will Simpson (right) is installed as the 2012-13 MCHS Key Club Treasurer by Tara Bray, the 2011-12 MCHS Key Club Treasurer

Emma Austin (right) is installed as the 2012-13 MCHS Key Club Secretary by Cheyenne Niceley, the 2011-12 MCHS Key Club President

May 1-31:

Clean Air Month - Calls for enforcement of the Clean Air Act. The American Lung Association, 800-LUNG-USA,

Creative Beginnings Month - Encourages everyone to enroll in a course, write a poem, plant a garden, or coordinate a social event. While developing your gifts, encourage others to also cultivate their own creative beginnings. Christina Bergenholtz, 508-839-5139.

Get Caught Reading Month - Events will be staged throughout the country to celebrate reading. Association of American Publishers, 212-255-0200,

Bike Month - Annual celebration of bicycling for recreation and transportation. League of American Bicyclists, 202-822-1333,

Book Month - Invites everyone to take time out to enjoy the pleasure of reading a book. National Book Foundation, 212-685-0261.

Mental Health Month - National Mental Health Association, 800-969-NMHA,

Physical Fitness and Sports Month - Encourages individuals and organizations to promote fitness activities and programs. President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 202-690-9000.

Stroke Awareness Month - National Stroke Association, 800-787-6437.

Teaching and Joy Month - Celebrates the great joy of great teaching and great learning. Thank a teacher for creating an atmosphere of joy. Jackson Community College, 517-796-8488.

Personal History Awareness Month - Informs, instructs, and inspires ALL ages to compile a personal history. Margaret Ingram, 541-924-0268.
May 11 - June 15:

National Family Month - Celebrates and promotes strong, supportive families. Annually, Mother's Day through Father's Day. 800-25-PEACE,

Preparing Tomorrow's Parents Month - Celebrates mothers and fathers. Stage at least one activity between Mother's Day and Father's Day to help prepare a child or teen to become a better parent in the future. To get ideas, visit, 561-620-0256.

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