Richmond Kiwanians Participate in Easter Egg Hunt 2004

Piddle Johnson, Tammy Harkleroad, and Phillis Adams distributed toy airplanes, bubbles and pinwheels and children safety literature and magnets at the Wellness Wagon during the Easter Egg Hunt at the Richmond City Park.

Many of the kids had already had their face painted and personalities altered before their arrived at the Kiwanis manned booth.

The fact that this girl was on crutches didn't keep her away from this event.

There were great games at the event such as toss the ring over the duck head or get your face painted.

There was a jester who performed magic acts for the kids.

Can you imagine more fun that mixing water guns with Easter eggs. Here kids try to be the first to knock empty plastic eggs off of 2 liter bottles.

And of course there are always great mascots at the Easter event. here the Richmond Park Dog visits with two egg hunters.

There were great rides as well.  Both train rides and real pony rides

One of the automated characters at the event was the recycle bin. But watch out when Kiwanis Lt. Governor Glen Kleine is taking pictures - he is likely to recycle even unusual things.

There were an assortment of unique individuals at the event.  Peter wanted his name painted on his face. And a friendly wizard also came to the event to demonstrate magic tricks.

Piddle gets a smile as she gives a young man an airplane

Its great to get a windmill - but you need to test it to make sure it works.

Division 9 Lt. Gov. Glen Kleine distributes a windmill to a couple of girls. (Photo by Tammy Harkleroad)

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